Protect Your Physical Intimacy

Trying to conceive can make sex work instead of playful fun and puts pressure on both members of the couple. Women have to feel relaxed in order to enjoy intercourse. Men want to have sex when they want to not when they have to all the time. Both need to feel that physical intimacy is a part of their relationship that is a stress reliever and connecting experience.

For sex to be fun and playful, there has to be a focus on the connection and experience rather than the end result. Initiating physical play with no expectation or intention of full intercourse can be helpful. It takes the pressure off to focus on just playing/experiencing being physically connected and present with one another without the pressure of intercourse and/or ejaculation.

Physical intimacy is so much more than just ejaculation or full intercourse. Make sure you are both looking for ways to connect physically besides sex like being affectionate, cuddling, having hello and goodbye rituals that involve physical contact, making out like you did when you met, giving each other massages that do not involve erogenous zones, exploring different types of touch and getting partner feedback about what they like and prefer. Have discussions outside of the bedroom about what positions or things you would like to try with your partner. Consider a change of location and pattern from where you normally have sex such as a different room, a hotel, a staycation or trip away, etc. The important thing is to protect your physical intimacy from feeling like it is only about conceiving because it is about protecting your relationship by maintaining physical intimacy.

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