Infertility is a Roller Coaster but Your Relationship

Doesn't Have to be

Does it feel like:

  • Infertility is taking over your life

  • You have forgotten how to enjoy life

  • You and your spouse are not on the same page

  • You and your spouse are not understanding each other's perspective

  • One or both of you feel overwhelmed and burdened by the treatment process

  • Sex has become work and is no longer fun

  • You dread holidays, baby announcements, and baby showers

  • You dread intrusive questions from friends, family, and acquaintances

Do you want to:

  • Reconnect with your spouse and be able to face infertility stresses as a team

  • Be intentional about care of yourself and your relationship

  • Learn how to communicate in a way that strengthens your connection

  • Learn how to handle conflict in a healthy way

  • Empower yourself to be your own advocate

  • Have fun with your spouse again without focusing on infertility

  • Set a plan for planning holidays, baby announcements, and baby showers

  • Be able to set boundaries around your infertility journey with family and friends

Don't Let Infertility Rock Your Relationship

When my husband and I were struggling with fertility issues, it was overwhelming and stressful.

We felt very alone as no one in our family or friend group had struggled to have a child.

There were so many details to keep track of that it made trying to have a child a depressing experience full of work.

There were difficult moments of answering questions, dealing with pregnancy announcements, and getting unsolicited advice about how to “make it happen”.

It strained my marriage at times as we had different perspectives, experiences, and ways to cope.

Infertility was a roller coaster ride fueled by grief, loss, hormones, medications, and isolation.

After my infertility journey was over, I wanted to combine my personal experience with my professional experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Coach to help others.

Infertility Protection Blueprint

In just 90 days… discover how to manage the fertility process as a team

so it doesn’t destroy your relationship,

Stop The Damage

Stop hurting and

misunderstanding each

other. Building appreciation.

Learn to listen to

understand and

communicate effectively.

Learn to regulate emotions & protect the relationship.

Overcome The Huge Divide

Rebuilding & Maintaining Friendship & Connection

Boundaries, Expectations and Limits in marriage and infertility treatment.

Learn to repair during & after a conflict or difficult talk.

Control Your Process

Explore Boundaries, Expectations, Limits & Roles.

Find common ground & compromise.

Establish Rituals & Goals. Create marriage mission statement.

Applied specifically to your situation, these three phases implemented over 90 days will help your relationship thrive while you face the challenges of infertility. I can show you how to get off the roller coaster of emotions and manage the fertility process as a team so it doesn’t destroy your relationship.

Benefits of this program:

  • Understand how infertility impacts you individually and how to bounce back.

  • How to have hard conversations and find common ground.

  • Identifying who is safe to share with and how to do that.

  • How infertility impacts your relationships and what to do about it.

  • Learn how to set boundaries with family and friends.

  • Figuring out what you need and how to ask for it.

  • How to divide the task of infertility treatment and share the burden.

  • How infertility hurts your relationship with your spouse/partner.

  • How to identify goals and set limits for infertility treatment.

  • How to handle intrusive questions, holidays, baby announcements, and baby showers.

This Does Not Have To Be You...

Most couples spend between $20,000 to $100,000 by the time they are done with their infertility journey. Doctor bills. Lab invoices. Diagnostic procedures. Surgical procedures. Medication costs. IUI procedure. IVF procedure. Days spent out of work.

Feeling isolated and not understood by family and friends. Dreading holidays and celebrations where you have to be around people. Not to mention the cost of a divorce which is at least $15,000. My husband and I spent $26,250 on our fertility journey and our struggle strained both our marriage and our relationship with family and friends.

What Others Have Experienced:

Let me tell you about “Myles and Janet”. When they started the program they were unable to really talk about their grief. They stopped going to social activities with friends and family. Myles protected his wife by being strong and not sharing his struggles. Janet felt like Myles didn’t care enough or didn’t get it because he seemed fine. Once they learned how to talk about the hard things, they felt more connected and understood one another better. They even divided all of the tasks related to the treatment process so they were sharing the burden. The plan Myles and Janet developed helped them feel more connected and work as a strong team.

Try it out risk free. Book a virtual consult and I will tell you the top three things you can do to work as a team.

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